Police appeal after claims of ‘sinister’ approach to 12 year-old boy in Strabane

Police in Strabane are appealing for information after an alleged approach was made towards a 12 year old boy in the town.
Over the weekend three men tried to entice the 12-year-old boy to get into a car in the Lampton Court area.
The car involved as been described as a red Seat Leon with lowered wheels and a full body kit, the driver has been described as in his 20s and wearing a black sweater.
Local Cllr Karina Carlin was made aware of the incident by the mother of the boy.
She said:  “The mother phoned the police but when they arrived almost 2 hours later they said that there wasn’t much that they could do.
“She asked me to highlight the approach on social media to alert other parents in the area about what had happened so that they could be alert to in the event of any further approach attempts.
“There were a number of further sightings of a car matching this description in the wider area but thankfully no further reports of any further approaches being made.
“It is unclear what the intentions of those behind Friday night’s approach were but it was a sinister incident which was deeply traumatic for the family concerned.”