Unanimous support for Cllr McBrearty motion calling for Independent policing inquiry

Cllr Frank McBrearty
Donegal County Council has passed an emergency motion signed by 14 members calling for an Independent Judicial Public Inquiry into policing in the past, the present and the future.
The motion also calls for the setting up of policing boards similar to the model in the North.
The motion calling for the inquiry was one of seven emergency motions moved in the chamber at the close of the February meeting of council last night.
The motion calls for a fully independent inquiry to look into all aspects of policing, with Independent Cllr Frank Mc Brearty Junior saying the inquiry should have the power to make findings of fact.
The motion also calls for the creation of a Police Authority and a network of Policing Boards in every Garda District.
It also calls for the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission to be given the independence it needs for citizens to have confidence that any complaints madfe against the force will be fully and independently investigated.
14 Councillors from across the political spectrum signed the motion, and the councils wishes will now be passed on to the government.
A number of other emergency motions were also passed, including one calling for the scrapping of plans for a HGV levy in Northern Ireland.