Organisation warns students over sexting

Mobile Phones
An organisation which provides anti-bullying services for schools says Snapchat is being used for ‘sexting’ and cyber bullying.
Snapchat allows users send a picture or video that disappears in seconds but the receiver can take a screen grab saving the snap.
A recent survey from Bully4U shows that 80 percent of 13 year olds and 90 percent of 15 year olds are using the app.
The group’s warning of the dangers of ‘sexting’ underage, as it could be seen as manufacturing and distributing child porn.
Jim Harding is director of Bully4U and has this advice for teens.
“Our advice would be that once you forward an image or photo of yourself you have no control over it, and it could be passed on and on” he said.
“This time last year schools were contacting Bully4U to educate their students about cyberbullying and Askfm – now the main objective within schools is the dangers of consequences of sexting” he added.


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