Report shows Letterkenny General will have a 6.5 million euro deficit in 2014

Letterkenny General
Letterkenny General Hospital will have a deficit of almost 6.5 million euro at the end of this year according to the West North West Hospitals Group Service Plan, which has just been published.
2014 is set to be a busy year for the hospital, with over 20,000 inpatients and 60,000 outpatients expected to pass through the hospital in 2014.
Last year, Letterkenny General Hospital spent 112.6 million euro. That’s set to fall substantially this year, with a projected spend in 2014 of 104.4 million euro.
However, with a budget of 98.1 million euro, Letterkenny will have a projected deficit of 6.3 million euro at the end of this year.
The hospital group says work will continue right through this year on the restoration and rebuilding programme following last year’s floods, and that remains one of the key priorities in the group’s capital spending plan.
The service plan envisages 20,452 inpatients being treated at Letterkenny General, with 17,517 people going through day services.
It’s expected that 31,865 will pass through the Emergency Department, while  60,233 people will be seen in the hospital’s Outpatients Department.