Judge dismisses traffic warden harassment cases following commitments from defendent

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A former traffic warden fought back tears today when she claimed her successor tried to intimidate motorists at her mother’s funeral.
The case was described by Judge Mary Devins as “almost like guerrilla warfare” between the two traffic wardens for six years.
40 year old Patricia McCafferty was in Ballyshannon District Court giving her defence evidence in a resumed hearing in which she was accused of harassment of Eddie Duffy on eight different dates between April 17 and September 16, 2012 at Finner and Drumacrin in Bundoran.
Patricia McCafferty denied harassment of Mr Duffy, who took over from her on the streets of Bundoran after she was sacked as traffic warden by the town council in 2007.
Each claimed in evidence harassment by the other.
McCafferty told the court that when her mother died in August 2012, Duffy told drivers dropping off family members at the church before the funeral that if they parked there they would get a ticket.
Mr Duffy told an earlier hearing that McCafferty repeatedly photographed and videoed him at work.
Judge Devins ruled that the facts against McCafferty, of Main St, Bundoran, had been proved.
However, she added Mr Duffy had reacted to his harassment claim unusually by, in turn, following and photographing McCafferty.
As a consequence, she said, she was prepared to dismiss the case if there was a defence undertaking to have no further contact with Mr Duffy or follow him or walk closely to him.
Ms McCafferty agreed after commenting “I might as well give up a few other constitutional rights.”