Heart Attack Awareness

Too often men and women delay in getting to hospital, they don’t want to cause a fuss or they waste vital time calling family or friends first which can prove fatal. Shaun is joined by Graham who suffered a heart attack while on holiday in Donegal, he was lucky that the people around him reacted quickly and got him the medial treatment required.  Graham would like to highlight the symptoms of a heart attack and the importance of seeking help fast. He would also like to thank everyone who saved his life that day.  Please see information from the Irish Heart Foundation.
Know the symptoms of a heart attack
Chest pain
Upper body pain in the neck, jaw, back or arms
Shortness of breath
Loss of consciousness
Take positive steps to prevent a heart attack
Be active
Get out and do something that raises your pulse for at least half an hour, five days every week. You don’t have to run ten miles at Olympic pace, a brisk walk or easy jog will do the job, as long as it’s regular.
Eat well
Step away, at least most of the time, from the pizza and chips. Up the intake of fruit and vegetables and try to include some grains, like rice, in your diet. Fish is brilliant. Eat it twice a week – there are really tasty, and easy to prepare, fresh and frozen fish (without batter) available in all supermarkets these days.
Watch the weight
Be aware of your healthy range and try to stay within it.
Cut out the cigarettes
After one year of quitting the risk of sudden death from heart attack is cut almost in half.
Limit Alcohol Intake
Try not to binge and keep under 17 standard drinks a week, the recommended maximum amount for men.
Take time for yourself, your family and your friends.
Get to know your GP
Have your GP regularly check your blood pressure and cholesterol. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late!
Know your family history
Have your parents or close relatives had heart problems?
Heart & Stroke Helpline I890 432 787.
If you are worried about heart problems or would like lifestyle advice, talk to an Irish Heart Foundation nurse in confidence on the Heart & Stroke Helpline 1890 432 787, Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm or email info@irishheart.ie