Donegal music student awarded almost 7 million euro for effects of Cork collision

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A music student who was rear ended in her car in Carrigaline in Co Cork on her way to conduct a children’s carol concert is to receive damages of 6.8 million euro.
The High Court heard Hazel McGarrigle of Drumstevlin House, Donegal lived for music.
She was just 25 at the time of the collision.
Hazel McGarrigle was in her second year of a masters at Cork school of Music when she suffered permanent brain damage in a road traffic accident in Carrigaline
The 25 year old was on her way to conduct a children’s carol service in December 2009 when her Nissan Micra was rear ended with such force she was pushed into the car in front.
While there was not a mark on her body she suffered a devastating intercranial injury that means she now uses a wheelchair and is fed through a tube.
Mr Justice Sean Ryan approved a settlement of 6.8 million euro in an action against the other driver where liability was not an issue.
He said he was conscious relatives may think the concentration on money is to ignore the human tragedy involved and the heroism of the family in the care they provide.