Video: Sadness as rescued whales beach again

It seems the efforts of up to 60 locals to save a pod of whales that beached in Falcaragh will have been in vain.
5 whales died this morning but a massive community effort saw a further seven returned to the sea.
However, the whales have beached again and it seems most likely they will also perish.
An early morning walker spotted the group of Pilot Whales on Balliness Beach sparking the rescue efforts.
Our reporter Barry Whyte is on the scene – he says that despite the best efforts the story is unlikely to have a happy ending:

And hundreds people turned out on Ballyness beach today to see the whales.
The beach, which is normally quiet, even on the hottest Summer days, was packed full of people today.
Our reporter Barry Whyte spoke to these people, they said it’s a very sad situation:


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