650 entrants registered for the Donegal Marathon

Donegal Marathon
The number of people taking part in the Donegal Marathon has far exceeded the organisers goal of 500 with 650 participants now registered for the event taking place this Sunday.
Meanwhile plans are in place to minimise traffic disruption in and around Letterkenny for the event
Organisers says Gardai and Marshals will be working together to ensure the safe passage of participants through the town and to keep traffic disruption to a minimum.
Runners should have cleared the town by 11.15am on Sunday morning with traffic management in place at Oldtown Bridge and Newmills with some disruption to be expected.
Organisers’ statement in full –
The Organising Committee of the Donegal Marathon is proud to announce that preparations are now on the home straight if you can pardon the pun. This Sunday sees the first competitive marathon to be staged in Donegal in over thirty years. The committee are delighted with the response of the public to this sporting initiative, which will see the event field a far greater number of participants than the initial target figure. Committee member Brendan McDaid stated, “It’s been really great to see this event gather momentum throughout the preparatory process, and we are delighted to announce that numbers have now exceeded 650 participants when we set ourselves a goal of 500. When you look at the achievements of our Donegal athletes in the recent European Championships, and couple that with the enthusiasm shown towards the Donegal Marathon, it gives you a perspective of just how healthy the interest in running is in this county”.
Gardai and race marshals will be working together to ensure the safe passage of participants through the town for the initial loop of Letterkenny. Traffic delays will be kept to a minimum where possible but diversions will be put in place to accommodate the runners between 10am and 11am while runners cross the town.
We expect runners to be cleared from the Town by 11.15 am approximately so all internal routes in the town should return to normal thereafter.
There will also be traffic management in place at OldtownBridge until we clear the runners and traffic will be diverted via the Leck Road.
The other main route is the Newmills road where residents will be encouraged to use a circular route to access town, turning out left and crossing at Newmills or Rashedog as opposed to driving back into Oldtown area to meet runners. We will have marshalls on this route as well as race in progress signs.
Competitors can register on either Saturday afternoon or on the morning of the event. Registration is between 12 pm and 6pm on Saturday or alternatively Sunday morning in Aura Leisure Centre, Letterkenny before the race starts. However, it is advisable that all competitors register well before the starting gun to give themselves plenty of time to prepare mentally and physically. There has also been a great response to the committee’s call for volunteers for the day and it is hoped that the people of Donegal will turn out in great numbers to support all the participants. Road closures will be in place for the event and once again, the committee wishes to acknowledge the support of the public and apologise for any inconvenience caused by the measures.