UK Border Force apologises for City of Derry delays

The British Home Office has apologised after significant delays at City of Derry Airport this morning because no member of the UK Border Force was in place.
An investigation has been launched into how there were no personnel on duty at passport control, meaning passengers from two flights could not be cleared.
Some passengers experienced delays of over two hours this morning, because no Border Force personnel were on hand to meet flights which landed from Alicante and Birmingham.
Passengers were not allowed leave the airport, and were accommodated in the baggage area until officers arrived to open passport control and clear the passengers for entry.
In a statement issued from Stanstead Airport this evening, Border Force apologises for the delay experienced by passengers arriving at City of Derry Airport this morning.
The statement said officers were deployed from Belfast International Airport as soon as they became aware of the issue, and all passengers were subsequently cleared. Security of the border is a priority, and the necessary passport checks have to be carried out.
No explanation as to what happened has been offered, with the statement concluding that Border Force is investigating the circumstances of this incident.


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