Murphy to the fore as Ireland win warm-up game in Australia

Michael Murphy 0914Ireland 100 (9-11-13)
VFL selection 27 (1-5-6)
Ireland were much too strong for a Victorian Football League selection in Melbourne.
They had a 73 point margin to spare in this warm up for next Saturday’s International Rules Test against Australia.
Team captain Michael Murphy bagged two goals and had 19 points overall. Cork’s Colm O’Neill was top scorer with 30 points.
Donegal’s Neil McGee also featured.
Scorers – Ireland: C O’Neill (4-1-3) 30; M Murphy (2-1-4) 19; A O’Shea (1-3-1) 16; C Cregg (0-3-1) 10; S Cavanagh (1-1-0) 9; P Hanley (1-0-0) 6; R Munnelly (0-1-2) 5; C Boyle (0-1-0) 3; D Hughes (0-0-1) 1; D Moran (0-0-1) 1. VFL: A Cockie (1-1-0) 9; L Featherstone (0-1-1) 4; S Clouston (0-1-1) 4; J Bolton (0-1-0) 3; T Pinwill (0-1-0) 3; N Rippon (0-0-1) 1, T O’Sullivan (0-0-1) 1, J Owen (0-0-1) 1, B Davies (0-0-1) 1.
Ireland: N Morgan (Tyrone); C McDonald (Tipperary), N McGee (Donegal), C Boyle (Mayo); L Keegan (Mayo), J McCarthy (Dublin), K McKernan (Down); A Walsh (Cork), S Cavanagh (Tyrone); C Cregg (Roscommon), C Begley (Laois), P Hanley (Mayo, Brisbane Lions); C O’Neill (Cork), M Murphy (Donegal), R Munnelly (Laois). Interchanges: M Donnelly (Tyrone), F Hanley (Galway), D Hughes (Monaghan), K McLoughlin (Mayo), D Moran (Kerry), P O’Neill (Kildare), P O’Rourke (Meath), A O’Shea (Mayo).


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