Man charged with Derry rape remanded “for his own safety”

Derry Magistrates Court
Derry Magistrate’s Court heard today how a young woman was found with serious internal injuries and was rushed to hospital in a ‘critical condition’ after an alleged rape at an address in the city.
Appearing before the court was 20 year old Aaron Hyland  of Cranbrook Court in Belfast who is charged with rape on October 3 this year. Hyland is also charged with wounding with intent and making threats to kill on the same date.
Detective Sergeant Williamson, opposed bail and outlined the circumstances behind the charge. He said that an ambulance crew contacted police to say there was a young woman bleeding profusely at an address.
When police arrived they found a naked young woman lying in a room and a bloodstained hammer was also there. The officer said there was blood on the floor, the bed was blood soaked and there was blood in the landing and on the bath.
He said that the young woman had suffered ‘considerable’ internal injuries.
Hyland had phoned the ambulance and was still at the scene when police arrived.
While being transported to the police station Hyland demanded the name of a police officer and stated he would get a prominent dissident to call at that officers house.
He also said: “Tick, tick boom, boom.’
During interview he claimed that any sex was consensual and added that she had just started bleeding. DS Williamson said that police had intelligence that ‘this man’s life is seriously at risk.’
He said  ‘certain people would be delighted if this man was released on bail to be able to get their hands on him. Paramilitaries and members of the public are baying for his blood,”
In response to questions from Mr. John Brown counsel for Hyland the officer agreed that Hyland had only been in Derry a matter of months.
The barrister said that if Hyland was applying for bail while being aware of the threats against him he was confident of where he was going to live would be safe enough.
The officer said that if Hyland thought he was safe on bail he was ‘foolish and naive’ and was ‘living in a bubble.’
The barrister said that Hyland ‘takes his destiny into his own hands’ as regards the threats.
He said that the defendant had supplied police with an account of his movements on the day in question.
District Judge Barney McElholm said that Hyland had ‘an atrocious record’ and that he had not stopped offending since 2009. He said that he had not supplied a ‘credible explanation’ as to how the young woman came by her injuries.
He said. “This young man does not realise how much trouble he has put himself in.”
And he added: “I am not prepared top put him at risk even if he is prepared to do so.”
Bail was refused on the grounds of the risk of re-offending and concerns for Hyland’s safety.
Hyland will appear again next month.

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