Graphic picture warning: Horror as kitten is thrown on to a fire

Cat2Animal rights groups in Donegal say they are shocked and sickened at the level of cruelty a young cat was subjected to.
Burtonport Animal Rescue received a call on Saturday evening about a cat that was found in the middle of Quay Road that was very scared and shocked .
When they went to retrieve the 5 month old kitten it transpired that someone had thrown it on a fire.
The kitten had molten plastic stuck to its fur and the pads on its feet had peeled off leaving his feet raw. Its whiskers had also been burnt off one side of his face.
The kitten was sedated to be assessed and has been on a drip and pain medication since Saturday night – he was sedated on Sunday again to try and clean him up and have some patches of his fur clipped.
He also has breathing problems which the vet is hoping will not turn to pneumonia – the vet said she has never seen a cat in this condition and the cat would not of jumped on to the fire himself.
The kitten is a greyish brown long haired kitten with a little bit of white on it.
If anyone has any information about this kitten you can contact Animal Rescue on 0860762228 / 0864038888 or the Donegal ISPCA on 0866054943.


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