Bloody Sunday families to meet with PSNI investigation team

Families of those who were murdered on Bloody Sunday are to meet with the investigating police today.
The murder investigation into the incident, which occurred at Derry’s Bogside on 30 January 1972, is to reopen this month.
The PSNI confirmed earlier this month that a team of 12 detectives would be assigned to the senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Harrison.
Madden & Finucane Solicitors represents the families of those killed.
In a statement released yesterday evening, they said that subsequent to the issue of Judicial Review proceedings and the reintroduction of the detective team investigating the murders, it will accompany family members at a meeting with Det Chief Inspector Ian Harrison and his staff this morning.
There, they will discuss the ongoing investigation and the allocation and deployment of resources that have been made available to the investigation team.
Speaking to Highland Radio News a fortnight ago, John Kelly, whose brother was killed on Bloody Sunday, says he wants investigators to prioritise the arrest of soldiers…


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