Emma Stone “Uncomfortable”paparazzi attention

Emma Stone
Emma Stone finds it ”uncomfortable” having paparazzi outside her home.
The ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ star has admitted that she will never enjoy seeing people outside her house snapping photographs of her.
She told the New York Times newspaper: ”It’s uncomfortable to have photographers outside of your home. That’s never going to feel good, and I don’t think that’s OK. Yet there’s also a goal to live life normally.
”So, if they photograph you walking to the same restaurant every morning, like you do when you live in a neighbourhood. Honestly, I try not to think about it any longer than when it’s happening.”
Meanwhile, Emma, 26 – who is dating fellow actor Andrew Garfield – also admitted that she feels incredibly ”protective” of her personal life.
She said recently: ”For me, I value privacy so much and I understand why I need to talk about the work, the films and all of that but it’s incredibly hard to reveal stuff about my life, so it makes me feel pretty boring and very protective.
”I wish I could just let it go and be like, ‘Oh whatever’ but I can’t. I’m a Scorpio. Maybe it’s something to do with that.”


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