Councillor claims gardai took over two hours to respond to Porthall burglary

Cllr Gerry Crawford
It’s been claimed that it took gardai over two hours to respond after a sum of money was stolen from a woman in her nineties in Porthall.
The man, described as being six feet tall and wearing a blue suit, entered the woman’s home yesterday, and when she asked if he was a doctor, he said “No, I’m looking for money”.
He took a sum of cash from the woman’s purse and them left. The woman was unhurt but traumatised by the incident.
Crime Prevention Officer Paul Wallace is appealing for information…..

Cllr Gerry Crawford, who knows the woman, was informed of the incident at lunchtime and immediately contacted the text alert number and asked gardai to put out an alert and make contact with the woman by telephone.
However, he says two hours later, there was still no contact.
This, he says , is an issue which must be investigated…………


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