Danger and delays as motorists speed and skip lights through N15 roadworks

N15Contractors responsible for traffic works on the N15 Ballybofey to Donegal Town road are urging drivers to not jump the temporary traffic lights.
Motorists doing so have been causing significant delays.
There are also concerns over speed with claims that some motorists have been clocked travelling four times the speed limit through the works:
Motorists this morning reported delays of over 7 minutes at the traffic works on the Ballybofey Road to Donegal Town Road.
Contractors says however that this is not a once off and has become a serious issue in the last month which results in the routes being jammed and also puts our workforce in danger.
Wills Brothers are asking drivers to try and have patience throughout the works and refrain from driving in excess of 30km/hr to protect themselves and workers.
There is a legally enforceable speed limit of 30 km/h approaching and through the road works but there have been reports of drivers being clocked at over 4 times that speed.
The Blackburn Bridge Realignment work us due to continue well into next year.


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