Level of recorded crime in Donegal shows general decrease

Crime sceneThere has been a fall in the number of sexual offences recorded in Donegal since last year.
86 incidents of rape or assault were recorded in Donegal in the year to the end of September of this year, a fall of 5 on the previous period.
Nationally sexual offences increased by 14 percent.
There were 1,088 public order offences recorded in Donegal in the year till September 2015, that is down 151 on the year previous.
966 incidents of disorderly conduct were recorded in Donegal, 100 less than the year before.
Also on a downward trend were burglaries – 333 were recorded in the county, a drop of 73 on the previous year.
742 incidents of attempts or threats to murder, assaults and embarrassments were recorded in the year to the end of September- an increase of 31 over the previous year.
There is a drop in the detection of people in the possession of drugs from personal use from 181 to 168 but the number of those in possession of drugs for sale of supply stayed steady.


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