Donegal man in court over incident were eggs were thrown at Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

A man from Carrigans in County Donegal who was involved in an incident where eggs were thrown at the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has been bound over at Derry Magistrate’s Court.
Aodhan Irwin (21) of Foyle View, Carrigans in Donegal admitted two counts of disorderly behaviour on September 10 last.
The court was told that on that date the Deputy First Minister was being interviewed by RTE on the city walls.
An Audi car passed by and the windows were wound down and shouting and heckling took place.
During this the Deputy First Minister’s driver came on the scene and an egg was thrown through the window of the car landing at the feet of the driver spattering his trousers.
A short time later the same Audi car was spotted close to the home of the Deputy First Minister and further abuse was directed towards the Minister’s driver.
Another egg was thrown but this one did not hit anyone.
Defence solicitor Mr. Paddy MacDermott said his client had been driving his own car and had not gone out with any intention of causing trouble.
He said there were people in the car with him and while Irwin shouted abuse he had not thrown any eggs.
Mr. MacDermott said it was ‘political discourse’ but had gone ‘over and above what should be said in public.’
He described Irwin as having a ‘good work record’ and said he intended to move away and hoped this conviction would not impact upon his ability to travel.
Deputy District Judge Brian Archer said that hopefully Irwin had learned his lesson.
He bound Irwin over for a period of 18 month son his own recognisance of £250.


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