Less than 3% of defects on Donegal’s roads were repaired in 2014

Donegal County Council
A review into road maintenance being published today shows that less than one in four defects on the country’s busiest routes were fixed in 2014.
Traffic levels have been growing with the economic recovery but the amount allocated to repairs is the same as it was in the year 2000.
The report is based on a review which was carried out for the Departments of Transport and Public Expenditure.
It shows that Transport Infrastructure Ireland, which allocates funding, is lacking essential information on whether money is being effectively spent.
According to the survey, there were 1,275 defects identified on Donegal’s roads, the second highest number in the country. 36 repairs were completed, just under 3% of the total.
Conversely, Galway had 1,551 defects identified, of which all but 5 were repaired. That’s a repair rate of over 99%.
According to an analysis of the figures in today’s Irish Independent, 10 local authorities didn’t carry out any repairs at all.
roads infographic
Infographic © Irish Independent


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