Donegal Pet Rescue to wind down, with no new animals being accepted

Donegal Pet Rescue
Donegal Pet Rescue has announced it is winding down.
In a message posted on its Facebook page, the oprganisation says it cannot find a new Foster Coordinator, and as a result, the organisation cannot accept any more dogs or cats.
In the meantime, the group says it will spend the next number of months rehoming the remaining animals in its care and contacting its creditors and affiliated organisations.
The Facebook post in  full –
Important Information
Donegal Pet Rescue committee have had many meetings over the past year in regards to finding new foster homes and volunteers to help run the charity. We have held information evenings and tried to expand our foster base. Over the past number of months we have been thinking of someone to take over as foster co-ordinator, due to the fact Nicola our current co-ordinator is expecting a baby. Unfortunately all this has been to no avail.
Now with the increasing demand put on our services and the decrease in committed foster homes our committee have been left with the decision to begin winding down our services. Although this will take time for us to look after and re-home the animals in our care we feel it is necessary to inform the public that we will no longer be able to take in any more dogs or cats.

Over the next number of months we will continue to rehabilitate and re-home the animals in our care. We will begin the process of contacting all our creditors and affiliated organisation to inform them off our decision. We will continue to advertise lost and found pets on our Facebook page.
Donegal Pet Rescue had been a successful charity that has helped rehome and rescue thousands of animals over the past 15 years. It is with great sadness that we have come to this decision and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped us succeed over the years. Special thanks go out to everyone that has adopted and helped the charity in any way.

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