Mc Brearty claims Council water staff were “on the verge of strike”

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It’s been claimed that Donegal County Council water staff who are now contracted to Irish Water wwre on the verge of strike action, but that action was averted at the last minute folllowing discussions between the council’s Chief Executive and the unions involved.
We understand the key issue was fears among the staff that once the 12 year contracts with Irish Water have expired they may find themselves being made redundant.
Cllr Frank Mc Brearty, an Independent candidate in the forthcoming general election, says he weas approached by staff members who alerted him to what is happening.
He’s now demanding that the council’s Chief Executive Seamus Neely make a clear statement to the council outlining the situation…….

Letter from Cllr Mc Brearty to Council CEO Seamus Neely –

Dear Seamus 
Can you confirm that the council staff who are contracted to Irish water were ready to go on strike over the threat of 400 job losses, some of them in Donegal. It has been alleged to me by council staff in confidence that the Union and the executive  averted this strike action. If so can you update us the members of the Council in writing the current situation with the threat to our valued staffs Jobs on the council, who deal with our water problems 7 days a week, sometimes on call at all hours. Since my election almost 7 years ago The Council has suffered with severe reduction’s in council staffing levels. We the members of the Council should be made aware of the situation and not on a needs to know basis. it is my understanding that the staff had their strike placards ready for strike action.
I look forward to your answers and support on this very serious situation to our Local economy and in particular the families that will be affected by any threat of Job losses. 
Regards Cllr Frank McBrearty Jnr

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