Numbers on the Live Register in Donegal fall in January

The numbers signing on the Live Register in Donegal at the end of January were almost down 11% on the same period last year.
Latest CSO figures show there were 16,224 people on the register in the county at the end of January, down 1,970 from the same time last year.
There were falls in all of the local offices.
Percentage wise, the biggest fall was in Donegal Town, with 992 people signing, down 17.5%.
There were 2,955 people signing on in Buncranna, a decrease of 16% while in Killybegs 941 signed on – down 11.3%. Dunfanaghy also saw a similar decrease with 1,171 people signing on, a fall of 11.4%.
In Letterkenny, 4,899 were people on the register – a fall of 9% compared with this time last year, Ballybofey and Ballshannon both saw a decrease of almost 7%.
The smallest decrease was recorded in Dungloe, with 1,823 signing on, a fall of just 5.5%.


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