Derry lose and concede top spot in Division 2

doire derry senior football
NFL Division 2, Derry 2-12 v 1-18 Galway
Derry lost their match of the league season when Galway came to Celtic Park on Sunday and won by three points.
Only Derry and Tyrone had full points from their opening two fixtures, and before Sunday’s games, Derry were ahead on scores and top of Division 2.
But Derry did not get off to a perfect start today, as there were only 13 seconds on the clock when Galway’s Eddie Hoare put the Tribesmen ahead with a point from play.
Galway’s David Wynne was black carded after a foul on James Kielt and that affected the game, with the half-time score Derry 0-07 v 0-10 Galway.
The gap remained three points at the end, with the full-time result showing Derry 2-12 (18) v Galway 1-18 (21).
It means Tyrone, who won today, now top the division.


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