Guy Ritchie ‘takes custody fight to Fathers4justice’

Guy Ritchie
Guy Ritchie has reportedly turned to the campaign group Fathers4Justice to secure custody of his son Rocco.
The 47-year-old film director has allowed his representatives to contact the well-known group for a “jargon-free rundown” of a father’s parental rights, as he continues to battle with his ex-wife Madonna for custody of their 15-year-old son.
Matt O’Connor, the campaign group’s founder, said: “We offer support to thousands of fathers, including numerous celebrity dads, with their ongoing cases in the family courts.”
Rocco left his mother’s music tour in December to return to the UK, where he has been staying with his father.
Since then, the singer and her ex-husband have been at loggerheads over their son’s future.
Matt told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Millions of fathers will understand the pain Madonna is going through after being separated from her son, Rocco.
“Fathers have no right in law to see their children after separation and there’s no presumption of shared parenting.
“It is rare, then, for a mother to experience this kind of loss.
“However, there is no justification for publicly denigrating Rocco’s dad. Children need the best of both parents.”