Matt Busby wanted Derry scout to help rebuild club after Munich Air Disaster

Eddie Davis
Manchester United manager Matt Busby wanted to rebuild his decimated side after the Munich Air Disaster with the help of Derry man Eddie Davis.
The story was told on Sunday Sport by Eamon Davis before the opening of an exhibition about his father Eddie, who was a soccer talent spotter.
Eamon said United boss Busby ordered his Irish-Welsh assistant manager Jimmy Murphy to contact former Derry City FC player Eddie for help.
He also revealed an entertaining story about how his dad scouted legendary Ireland goalkeeper Packie Bonner.
The exhibition contains photos of Eddie – who passed away last August – with Busby and Liverpool boss Bill Shankly and includes a wealth of soccer memorabilia.
The exhibition dedicated to Eddie Davis runs from April 2 to April 8 at the Arts Centre on Pilot’s Row in Derry.
Eamon spoke to Myles Gallagher about it…


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