Man in court accused of threatening to kill former partner

A 32 year old man has appeared at Derry Magistrate’s Court charged with threatening to kill his former partner.
Wayne Campbell of Bligh’s Lane in the city was charged with threatening to kill the woman on Saturday last, and causing criminal damage to a car by arson.
A police officer said she believed she could connect Campbell to the charges and opposed bail.
She told the court that the defendant was supposed to have said he would ‘gut’ his former girlfriend like a fish.
While police were attending this incident they received a report of a car burning in the Glen Road area and the car belonged to a relative of the alleged injured party.
Two males were seen running away.
Campbell’s brother was arrested and after this the woman claimed she received a phone call from Campbell stating she was dead.
The officer said the woman was ‘extremely frightened’ of Campbell and believed the threats would be carried out.
She opposed bail on the grounds that police believed Campbell would contact the alleged injured party.
Defence solicitor Mr. Paddy MacDermott asked was there a domestic history between the couple and was told there wasn’t.
The solicitor said the alleged injured party had nothing to fear from Campbell.
Campbell was released on his own bail of £500, ordered to observe a curfew, wear a tag, not enter Derry City Centre or Hazelbank and to have no contact with the alleged injured party.
He will appear again on May 5.


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