Experts examining carcass of 25 foot MInke Whale in Creevy

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Officials from the National Parks and Wildlife Service are to examine the carcass of a dead 25 foot Minke Whale, has been trapped in rocks 70 metres from The Creevy Pier Hotel for the past two days.
Donegal County Council says it will make arrangements for the disposal of the remains once that examination has been completed.
Locals at Creevy, near Ballyshannon said they reported the dead whale to Donegal County Council yesterday.
The five-ton whale was washed up on rocks at Creevy Pier on either Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and high tides over the past two days failed to move it.
Gases forming inside the carcass have forced the whale’s tongue out, and this afternoon, local people say the remains are beginning to smell.
The tail has been partially severed, possibly by a passing ship.
A spokesperson for Donegal County Council confirmed today that the authority has been in contact with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and once officers have examined the carcass, arrangements will be made for its disposal.
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