Over 300 take part in Inishowen’s Runcrana Half Marathon

inishowen athletics club
Over 300 competitors took part in today’s Runcrana Half Marathon and Relay.
The event by Inishowen Athletics Club started at 2pm on a flatter course and was a huge success, according to club spokesman Seamus McDaid.
He said thy were very happy with how the day turned out, even though the temperatures increased significantly as the race got underway.
Each marathon finisher was given a medal and each relay team member was given a certificate.
South African runners Eric Koech and Dan Tanui crossed through the white tape at the same time on 78mins, 12 seconds (78:12).
The first woman over the line was Sarah McKeever of Foyle Valley on a time of 1:34:46.
Seamus spoke with Sunday Sport presenter Myles Gallagher just as the runners were finishing the line.


  1. Eric Koech, South Africa
  2. Dan Tanui, South Africa
  3. Martin Gallagher, Foyle Valley


  1. Sarah McKeever, Foyle Valley
  2. Jackie McGinley, City of Derry
  3. Sarah Marie Doherty, Inishowen