First new Carry on film will address the NHS crisis producer reveals

Carry on Film
They’re making a comeback after a 24-year absence, and now it has been revealed the first new Carry On film will tackle the NHS funding crisis.
Two new films – Carry On Doctors and Carry On Campus – are due to be released.
Talking about the first one, producer Jonathan Sothcott told the Mirror: “The NHS is the best thing in the world. But it’s also something that we British love to grumble about – we will be addressing the crisis.
“The Carry On films have always had this great relationship with the NHS, because they spoof it – but they are also actually very protective of it.
He added: “It’s important the film reflects what is going on. Also, everyone in Britain still gets embarrassed to go to the doctor and pee into a test tube. That’s a very British thing.”
Carry On Sergeant was the first film in the series, made back in 1958.
The franchise catapulted stars such as Dame Barbara Windsor, Sid James and Kenneth Williams to fame.
No new cast members or releases dates have been announced.