Psychiatrist gives evidence in case of Donegal Garda accused of harassment

sligohighcourtA psychiatrist has told the trial of a Garda accused of harassing his superior officer that he was unable to stop himself because of a mental disorder.
Donal Maguire, who’s from Bundoran in Co. Donegal and used to work at Áras an Uachtaráin, has pleaded NOT guilty by reason of insanity.
The court heard Donal Maguire became infatuated with one of his superior officers in 2012.
He sent her a Valentine’s Day card that year and bombarded her with emails over the Garda PULSE system.
Her Inspector cautioned him and she didn’t hear from him for six months but he resumed contact in August 2012 and she made a formal complaint.
Despite several warnings to leave her alone, he showed up at a race she was competing in and a criminal investigation was opened when he later sent her a Facebook friend request.
Dr. Brenda Wright, a forensic psychiatrist, told his trial today that she believes he was suffering from a form of dementia that affected his judgement and behaviour.
She found he had erotomania beliefs  a delusion whereby a person believes that another person, who is typically of higher social status, is in love with them.
Dr. Wright concluded he did satisfy the criteria for the special verdict of NOT guilty by reason of insanity.
The jurors will soon begin their deliberations.