PSNI officers disciplined after death of woman

A Police Ombudsman investigation has revealed that two PSNI officers have been disciplined over failing to report that a woman had suffered a head inquiry, resulting in her death.
On 24th February 2014 a woman died from bleeding to the brain, following an incident in Omagh the previous evening.
Police were called to a property in the area and removed the woman, who had been drinking from the house. At which point she made known to one of the officers in attendance that her head had been struck against a wall by her partner.
During investigation by Police Ombudsman, Dr Michael Maguire the police doctor who carried out an examination on the woman when she arrived at Omagh police station stated that he had not been told that she had suffered a head injury.
After the woman’s injuries were recorded, two PSNI officers were driving the woman to a friend’s house when the woman became very unwell in the car and an ambulance was called, taking her to hospital were she died the following day.
The Chief Constable had reported the officers to the Ombudsman, indicating that there was a gap in communication between the officers, their colleagues and the police doctor, which is believed to ultimately have resulted in the death of the woman.
The two PSNI officers have now been disciplined and the Police Ombudsman has advised the PSNI to review their practices of dealing with such injuries.


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