Tyrone beat Donegal to win Ulster Championship

Tyrone Gaa 0614
Ulster Final result: Donegal 0-11 (11) v 0-13 (13) Tyrone
Tyrone’s senior footballers were crowned Ulster Champions today after a fascinating match on Championship Sunday.
They won the Ulster Final by two points.
Donegal initially made Tyrone look like they were playing within themselves in the first half.
A crowd of 33,433 were stunned at the half-time whistle after witnessing Donegal take the game to Tyrone in the opening period without the expected fight from the Red Hands.
All this despite Tyrone opening the scoring with two points and Donegal not getting off the mark until 12 minutes thanks to Patrick McBrearty to make the score Donegal 0-01 v 0-02 Tyrone.
It was a slow half with Donegal hitting six wides and Tyrone hitting nine.
At the break, the score was Donegal 0-07 v 0-04 Tyrone.
But all this changed in the second half.
A different Tyrone team emerged to strike back.
Their play lifted the Tyrone fans, the match tempo picked up, and both teams knew they were in a championship final.
After 26 minutes of the second half, the game was drawn level with the scores at Donegal 0-09 v 0-09 Tyrone.
Donegal’s Michael Murphy then pointed to put Donegal back in the lead and Christy Toye also notched a point, but Tyrone came flooding forward.
Sean Cavanagh had a mighty score on 71 minutes, Peter Harte put Tyrone in front on 75 minutes, and Kieran McGeary added another.
They were in their first Ulster Final since 2010 and the Anglo Celt Cup returned to the O’Neill County for the first time in six years.
The final score was Donegal 0-11 (11) v 0-13 (13) Tyrone.