Latest HIQA inspections records concerns for one facility in Donegal

The Health watchdog is highlighting a failure to ensure a safe and good quality service for residents at a number of residential centres for people with disabilities.
HIQA has issued 20 reports today from facilities across the country with one issued following an inspection in Ballytrim House in Raphoe.
It found that there the contracts for the provision of services had not been agreed with residents in the facility.
There had been no recent admissions to the service and the person in charge indicated that there was no plan for further admissions in the foreseeable future.
The design and layout of the centre was not fully suited to the needs of all residents.
Two bedrooms in the facility were used for respite. These rooms were not personalised and did not have personal effects or belongings to increase the level of comfort for the residents who occupied them.
Throughout the inspection the inspector found that all windows in the centre were locked at all times. Staff confirmed that residents did not have access to window keys.
Staff said that this was to prevent residents leaving the centre and this was reflected in some residents’ care plans. This impacted on residents’ ability to open their windows for fresh air.
While there were some systems in place to protect the health and safety of residents, visitors and staff, improvement was required to risk management and fire evacuation drills.
There were measures in place to protect residents from being harmed or abused; however, some improvement to management was required.
The inspector also found that the provider had not established a satisfactory management structure to ensure consistent delivery of suitable care and support to residents.


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