More details from Ramelton stand off – property owner says he owed the bank no money

Ramelton stand off 2A stand off between a property owner, his supporters and bank bailiffs led to the shore road in Ramelton being closed today.
The commercial and residential building is owned by PJ Sweeney. He was alerted this morning to people trying gain access to the property and change the locks.
They were bailiffs from a bank trying to take control of the property.
A stand off between the men, PJ Sweeney and his supportes ensued with a large number of gardai in attendance.
Mr Sweeney claims he doesn’t owe any money on the property and the men effectively tried to break in illegally.
He along with his supporter Michael Magee spoke to Greg Hughes at the scene:

The property is made up of ground floor businesses below flats and apartments.
This man’s 79 year-old mother lives there – he says confusion over the ownership of the property has left his mother in a difficult situation:



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