Mc Conalogue says Foodwise 2025 must be reviewed in light of Brexit

Charlie McConalogue
Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Agriculture Charlie McConalogue claims it is absurd that the Government has refused to initiate a review of Food Wise 2025 in the wake of Brexit.
The 10-year Food Wise 2025 strategy was published in 2015 and sets out the strategic plan for the development of the agri-food sector over the next decade.
Deputy McConalogue believes that the Brexit vote demands an immediate review.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue believes that a UK exit from the EU represents one of the biggest risks to the Irish agri-food industry since the foundation of the State.
The Fianna Fail Spokesperson on Agriculture has been calling on Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed to launch a comprehensive review of Food Wise 2025 to consider the new threats that have arisen following Brexit.
In a parliamentary reply to Deputy McConalogue, Minister Creed stated that he sees “no compelling reason at this point to review the strategy”.
Over 50% of Ireland’s beef exports and 33% of dairy exports are to the UK.


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