Garda whistleblower set to return to work in Donegal

Garda Jacket
It’s reported that a Donegal based Garda Whistleblower has been medically cleared to return to work after two-and-a-half years on sick leave.
Garda Keith Harrison has made a number of claims about his treatment by senior gardaí since he arrested another garda in Athlone for suspected drink driving in 2009.  A subsequent attempted prosecution was unsuccessful.
The is reporting today that Garda Harrison, who was eventually transferred to Buncrana, has been on leave due to work-related stress for the last 30 months.
He has claimed he suffered panic-attacks due to the harassment he experienced over the five-year period after he arrested his colleague.
Garda Harrison has alleged that people he previously arrested were approached and asked whether they wished to make complaints against him, that surveillance was placed on him and that information about a garda inquiry into him was deliberately leaked.
It is understood Garda Harrison was assessed by the medical officer at Garda Headquarters in Dublin yesterday and deemed fit for work.
He is expected to return as early as next month, though he will be placed in a different station in Donegal. Harrison has been on leave without pay for a number of months after his illness benefit scheme expired.
The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission is currently investigating his claims.


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