Who Will Make USL ‘Eleven30’ Selection?

The eagerly-awaited unveiling of the Ulster Senior League’s ‘Eleven30’ team will take place at the League’s annual dinner dance and presentation function on Friday night.
The event, to be held at the Station House Hotel, is attracting even more interest this year as it coincides with the naming of the ‘Eleven30’ team.
In celebration of 30 full seasons of the Ulster Senior League, which first came into being in the 1986/87 season, the League appointed a selection panel to choose the ‘Eleven 30’ team
The panel have selected eleven players, chosen in position, plus a manager and the winners are being kept under wraps until Friday’s function.
The selection panel, chaired by USL PRO Chris McNulty, met on several occasions over the past couple of months to whittle down the list.
“We’re looking forward to the function on Friday night as we celebrate the great players and the great teams that have played in the USL down the years,” McNulty said.
The USL PRO confirmed that the ‘Eleven30’ team is being sponsored by the 4 Lanterns, who have been title sponsors of the League since the early days.
“The Grimes family have been associated with the League since day one, in fact since before day one really as they came on board as sponsors even before the launch of the League in 1986,” McNulty said.
“We are delighted that the Grimes family have maintained an unbroken link with the League since those formative years and it is only fitting that the 4 Lanterns name, now so synonymous with the Ulster Senior League, will be tagged to the ‘Eleven30’ team.
“The USL are indebted to the Grimes family and the 4 Lanterns management and staff for their unwavering and unbroken support of our League.”
McNulty chaired a selection panel that also included Eamon McConigley, Danny McConnell, Chris Ashmore and Brian McIvor and he added: “Our panel took in every era, every team and practically every player to have played in the League.
“Some fantastic teams and some magnificent players have played in the League over the years and selecting a team has been no easy task. The selection is the subject of a lot of talk, deliberation and speculation so we’re looking forward to making the announcement on Friday night.”
The USL’s annual awards will be presented on the night, including the Player of the Year, Top Goalscorer, Club of the Year and Media Award. Cockhill Celtic will be officially presented with the 4 Lanterns Ulster Senior League trophy and medals and Cockhill will also pick up the trophy and medals for the Donegal News Ulster Senior League Cup.
The USL have confirmed that Martin Orr and the Honky Tony Heroes will be providing entertainment on the night.
Tickets, priced at €25, are available from clubs or from any USL committee member.