Chris Evans’ new dog is here to calm us all in this time of tension and woe

The world may be a dumpster fire that’s rapidly spreading out from the alley it started in and onto our streets but at least we have dogs to keep us sane.
And not just any dogs, celebrity dogs who clearly have a much rosier perspective on the universe thanks to their blessed lives.
While the news may be full of politics and terrorism and Trump, celebs like Chris Evans are sharing videos of their pets to soothe us and we have to admit, they’re doing the trick.
Captain America himself is the owner of a new pooch who legitimately makes us re-ask the question ‘what did we do to deserve dogs?’ because we don’t deserve them.
At all.

Chris Evans


In other non-depressing news, my dog is still a pure, brand new soul, enjoying nonverbal bonds of love + acceptance w pretty much everything

 Story by David O’Shaughnessy