Johnny Depp’s former managers say he lied to Australian authorities about smuggling his dogs

Johnny Depp’s ongoing court battle with former management team TMG is getting increasingly messy. 
It’s been well documented how the management group has gone into great detail about the lavish spending that Depp was accustomed to while they were managing his affairs. This reportedly included up $30,000 a month on wine.
As of late, the management group have been making far more serious allegations against Depp. Over the weekend we reported that they claimed that Depp had ‘gotten physical’ with Amber Heard during their marriage. Depp has of course always denied allegations of domestic abuse against Heard during their divorce proceedings.
The latest claim from TMG is that Depp lied to Australian authorities when he smuggled his two small dogs into the country last year. You remember that whole incident right? No? It’s easy to forget about it since it happened right before news of Depp and Heard’s separation broke. Basically, while Depp was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film in Australia in 2015, Heard and Depp smuggled their two teacup Yorkshire terriers Boo and Pistol into the country without the necessary paperwork. Australia has strict quarantine laws and the Minister for Agriculture gave the couple 72 hours to return the dogs to the US or else they would be euthanized.
Depp was never charged for the incident but Heard was, and faced a possible jail term or a hefty fine for illegally importing the dogs into the country. At the time, Depp claimed the whole issue was a big misunderstanding, claiming that he believed a member of staff had given the necessary documentation for the dogs.
The couple later posted the now infamous ‘apology’ video on Facebook.

However Depp seemed to share his real feelings on the matter during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he explained the video.
“I think the choice they made to utilize the tax payers’ dollars to globally chase down a couple of teacup Yorkies and give them 50 hours to live … I realized the badness of my ways, so I was repenting.”
Now TMG claim that Depp was “fully aware that he was illegally bringing his dogs to Australia” and that hefalsely claimed to authorities and in public press interviews that the incident was a big misunderstanding.”
TMG also claim that Depp pressured one of his long time employees to take the fall.
Depp could now potentially face perjury charges in Australia over the whole incident. According to The Guardian, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce will investigate if they can take further legal action in the matter.
“If the allegation is correct, there is a word for that – it is called perjury,” Joyce said. “That is another question that, if that was true, Mr Depp would have to answer for.”
Via People
Story by Max Ramsbottom