Advice issued as Ireland prepares for its worst storm in 50 years

Hurricane Ophelia is expected to be the worst storm to hit Ireland in over 50 years.
The National Co-Ordination Emergency Group has extended the red weather warnings and is advising people to stay inside.
A red warning will be in place for Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, in addition to Galway, Clare, Cork, Kerry and Mayo.
An orange level warning is in place for the rest of the country, with the storm expected to bring winds in excess of 130 km per hour as well as coastal flooding.
Chair of the committee Sean Hogan says it’s likely to be very serious:

The following advice is in place –
The Department of Education and Skills is informing all schools in areas affected by Met Éireann’s status red wind alert that they are to act on the Department’s advice and remain closed tomorrow, Monday 16 October.
Schools in areas affected by a status orange alert, including Donegal, should are advised to remain vigilant, and keep themselves appraised of any hourly and other updates from Met Éireann, and from their local authorities, local radio, and an Garda Síochána.
The RSA is warning people living in coastal areas of the risk posed by flooding in coastal areas from storm surge. The Coast Guard is requesting members of the public to avoid any visits or walks to coastal or cliff areas.
Brian Farrell, Communications Manager with the RSA, outlines the dangers associated with strong winds:

The ESB has warned customers to be prepared for power outages.
They’re also urging landowners and motorists to stay away from cables that may have fallen because of the high winds.
ESB’s Head of Communications – Bernardine Maloney – has this advice for people:

The Irish Aviation Authority id informing passengers that due to the adverse weather effects forecasted to occur as a result of Storm Ophelia, there may be disruptions to flight operations for aircraft landing and departing at all Irish airports tomorrow.
Passengers intending to fly from Ireland West Airport should check their airlines website or contact their airline directly for the latest information.
More information is available at:
The warnings are in place from 09:00, Monday 16 October 09:00 to 03:00, Tuesday 17 October 2017.


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