Update – Carnhill security alert ends as device is deemed an “elaborate hoax”

Police in Derry say a security alert in the Carnhill area is now over.
A suspected pipe bomb has been deemed an elaborate hoax after further examinations, and cordons in the area have now been lifted.
Local councillor Sandra Duffy says those responsible for the incident are “at war with the people of Derry” and will not succeed in dragging society back to the past.
Cllr Duffy says there is no rationale or justification for such actions in the city and the sooner those behind such incidents realise that, the better.
Meanwhile, the PSNI is appealing to communities to speak out against paramilitaries, with today being the United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day.
Police are highlighting the continuing use of violence in paramilitary style attacks on young people, while
Church leaders have also added their voices to those calling for an end to the violence, emphasising the impact these attacks have on the lives and well-being of children and young people.
It comes after a 17 year old male sustained a gunshot wound to his leg in a paramilitary style attack in Derry on November 9th.
Latest statistics show there were 28 victims of paramilitary style shootings in 2016 and 2017, double the number recorded in the previous year.
Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton of the PSNI has confirmed around 6% of the attacks last year were against people under 18 years of age, a statistic he describes as completely unacceptable.
Meanwhile, Church leaders in Ireland have also added their voice to those calling for peace for young people, adding to the discussion that it is more important than ever that support is given to inititaves that offer young people the opportunity to reach their full potential.


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