Harrison Ford is real-life hero as he helps woman in car wreck

Hollywood heroes are falling all around us but at least we can take comfort in the fact that Harrison Ford is one of the good guys.
The actor came to the rescue of a woman whose car went off the road in California over the weekend. Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Ford was driving behind her when she lost control and crashed into an embankment off the freeway.
Ford, along with others, rushed to the woman’s aid to get her safely out of the car before an ambulance arrived. Sources told TMZ that the woman was left with only minor injuries.
She’s also got a pretty great story to dine out on for the rest of her life.

Harrison Ford comes to the rescue after a car crash

The actor helped a woman who ran her car off of a California highway. TMZ says she was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

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    #News “Harrison Ford becomes real-life hero at the scene of a traffic accident” via #FOXNEWS |

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    Harrison Ford Helps Woman Who Crashed Car Off Highway http://dlvr.it/Q1pjpP 

  3. Harrison Ford is trending for the right reasons.

    The helped rescue a woman who veered off Route 126 in Ventura County.
    First a big sigh of relief and then a standing ovation for being a real life hero.

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    Authorities say Harrison Ford acted “as a good Samaritan, just like everybody else” when he helped a woman at the scene of a rollover crash in Santa Paula.

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    In honor of Harrison Ford saving a car crash victim:

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  6. When I realized that Harrison Ford was trending for saving a woman rather than…you know.

  7. *clicking on Harrison Ford as a trending topic expecting the worst 😓 turns out he saved a woman* 👍🏻

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