Verdict due today at inquest into Buncrana Pier tragedy


A verdict is due today in the inquests into the deaths of 5 family members in Buncrana.
Yesterday the inquest heard the driver of the car was more than three times over the legal limit.
The big news yesterday was the revelation that the driver of the car that slid into the sea was over the drink drive limit
Though the pathologist involved couldn’t say how it would have impaired his driving.
Concerns were raised over the level of algae on the slipway at the time, one witness describing it as slippy as ice.
This morning the inquest will continue hearing from Irish Water Safety about their recommendations for preventing an event like this from occurring again.
Later on the jury will come to a verdict in this case and can make recommendations – though inquests are not about apportioning blame to anyone for what happened, and any recommendation today won’t be legally binding


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