Census 2016 figures show 18% unemployment in Donegal

Latest census figures published by the CSO show a significant drop in the unemployment rate in Donegal compared to the previous census in 2011.
Total unemployment in the county was 12,829 giving an unemployment rate of 18.0%, compared with
26.2% in April 2011. Nationally, the unemployment rate recorded by Census 2016 was 12.9%. Of the
unemployed in the county, 1,167, or 9.1%, were first-time job seekers.
The wholesale and retail sector is the the biggest employer in County Donegal according to the latest results from Census 2016 which have been published today.
On Census Day in April of last year, there were 7,866 people working in the wholesale and retail trade sector in Donegal, accounting for 13.5% of the workforce.
Human health and social work activities was the next largest, with 7,420 workers, 12.7%.
The top five was completed by education, 10.8%, accommodation and food service activities, 7.9%, and manufacturing, 7.8%.
There were 3,977 persons working in the Agriculture, forestry and fishing sector, slightly more than in 2011.
The numbers working in construction were also up, with 3,432 persons in the sector in April 2016, compared to 3,139 five years previously.

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