Council sets up helpdesk to report sites containing unauthorised waste

Donegal County Council is opening a dedicated helpdesk for people to report any sites containing unauthorised waste.
It follows this week’s RTE Investigates Programme, with the council urging people to come forward with information that they may have in relation to these types of sites.
In a statement, the council says it will continue to investigate and take action in relation to the matters raised in the investigation into the alleged non-compliance with waste legislation at the sites identified.
This is being done in collaboration with a number of other agencies, and the council is asking RTE to pass on footage and other records that may assist the Council further in these investigations.
The council says it is fully committed to enforcing the regulation and management of waste, and this helpdesk is in addition to the ongoing reporting of dumping, littering and other environmental concerns which the Council welcomes from members of the public.
Anyone with information on sites containing unauthorised is asked to call 074 91 53900, and their calls will be directed to the Unauthorised Waste Sites helpdesk as required.
In addition, complaints may be made via the Environmental Protection Agency.
All reports received will be thoroughly investigated by Donegal County Council.


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