Donegal mother shocked to discovered blood on son’s hospital trolley

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A Donegal mother is lodging a formal complaint after her son was forced to lie on a blood splattered trolley at Letterkenny University Hospital.
The women, who does not wish to be named, contacted Highland Radio following a visit to the hospital last Friday afternoon.
She had taken her ill son to the Hospital as he was unwell – he ended up on a trolley which was covered with another person’s blood.
The mother says she was horrified to discover the blood splatter and intends to lodge a formal complaint.
HIQA has highlighted concerns in the past with cleanliness at the hospital – In  2015, a HIQA overview report on hygiene in hospitals found Letterkenny University Hospital to be one of just 7 of the 32 inspected which required a follow up inspection due to hygiene shortcomings.
Responding on social media to the above image, people recounted similar stories while other leapt to the defence of staff saying they were over worked and that could contribute to any short comings.


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