Donegal bail address suggested in case of toddler’s murder

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard today that pathology reports on a three and a half year old child found dead last September suggested that death was caused by 13 blunt force blows inflicted at around the same time.
Liam Whoriskey, 23 of Glenabbey Gardens in Derry is charged with the murder of Kayden McGuinness on September 17 last.
Bail was opposed due to the fear of further offences and a risk of public disorder if Whoriskey was released.
He was remanded in custody to appear again on July 23rd.
The court heard, the child was found dead at around 9.50a.m. by the defendant and that the child’s mother had put him to bed the previous evening before going out, leaving Whoriskey in charge of the toddler and a six month old, returning the next day after the child was found dead.
The pathology reports revealed the cause of death to be 13 blows to the head inflicted around the same time, causing swelling to the brain.
The court also heard, the child suffered two black eyes and a fractured rib in the weeks prior.
The defendant allegedly said these injuries occurred when the child hit himself with a toy.
A police officer told the court they believed there was a paramilitary threat against the accused.
District Judge Barney McElholm said he had ‘no doubt’ that if Whoriskey was released to an address in the city there would be public disorder.
Defence barrister Mr. Eoghain Devlin suggested an address in Donegal but the Judge said ‘people who make threats don’t recognise the border ‘.


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