Rape trial hears girl was ‘was drunk, but she was still herself’

The trial of a teenager charged with raping a 16-year-old girl in Co Donegal has heard evidence that the girl was “drunk but still herself”, and was “not falling all over the place” after the alleged incidents.
The youth, now aged 19, denies raping and orally raping the girl behind a building in a town in Co Donegal in the early hours of the morning after St Patrick’s Day on March 18, 2016.
On the fifth day of the trial yesterday, one of the girl’s friends described seeing her standing alone outside a takeway with blood on her hand and chest shortly after the alleged offences.
The witness told the court that the girl had been upset and that when she asked her if she was ok, she replied “No” in an upset voice.
“She was drunk, but she was still herself. She wasn’t falling all over the place” the witness said
The court also heard from another young woman who gave details about three Snapchat messages she received from the accused just over two weeks after the alleged offences, in which he said he had heard some rumours in school, and wanted to check that she was OK.
The jury also heard from a nurse who examined the conplainant at a Sexual Assault and Treatment Unit two days after the alleged offences.
The nurse gave details of “multiple bruisings and abrasions” found all over the girl’s body and said that due to the extent of the injuries, a garda photographer had been called to take photos.
The trial continues.


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