Riddle of Irish border remains unsolved

As plans are stepped up for a no deal Brexit there’s still confusion about how to deal with the border with Northern Ireland.
A British forum has suggested things would continue as normal and politicians ‘pick up the pieces later’ in a no deal scenario.
There’s more speculation than ever that a Brexit deal won’t be reached by next March, when the UK will leave the EU.
On both sides of the Irish Sea preparations have been stepped up to cope with a no deal scenario.
An influential British customs committee made up of businesses involved in importing and exporting has been considering how to avoid long tailbacks of lorries between the EU and UK.
It has suggested contingency plans involving checks on both sides at ports like Dover.
But the riddle of the Irish border remains unsolved.
One member of that customs committee is quoted in UK media today saying there may be no choice but to persist with today’s regulations, and pick up the pieces later.
It’s an idea that Sinn Féin has already rubbished, claiming it’s kicking the can down the road.
While a system of enhanced self assessment has also been suggested, the remarks serve to highlight how few answers even businesses involved have to the dilemma that is Ireland’s border.